Below are the Mac OS X applications we have developed and offer for download. Any requests or contact for contract Mac OS X development can be made through our contract development page.

JellyfiSSH is a simple bookmark manager for SSH, Telnet and ftp connections for Mac OS X. More... App Store
JellyVNC is a simple bookmark manager for Mac OS X's Screen Sharing VNC application. More... App Store
Jellyscript is a code snippet manager which lets you run your code in a single click! Coming soon...
xCard360 allows xbox 360 owners to keep track of their friends gamer scores via gamercards. More... download
shotchoice is a simple utility for Mac OS X 10.4+ owners which allows them to set their screenshot file format perference. More... download
fasterMac allows users to turn off the eye candy which can slow down older G3/G4 Macs. More... download
verifyDI allows users to turn off the Finder Disk Image verify. More... download



  • JellyfiSSH works with macOS High Sierra info

  • JellyfiSSH with Mavericks / Yosemite info

  • Moon Rover 3.0 on the App Store here

  • JellyfiSSH v5.3.3 on the Mac App Store here

  • JellyVNC v1.2.1 on the Mac App Store here

  • shotChoice has been updated to 1.2 and includes new formats and Mac OS X Snow Leopard compatibility