FAQ on Development

Our team have been producing software for over 15 years and are now pleased to offer contract development services for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There is currently an audience of over 100 million iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Q: Who manages the relationship with Apple?
We can manage this for you however, there is some 'paperwork' required if you want to sell the application under your name. We can assist in that process. As for the approval process through the Apple App Store, we will take care of this for you and liase with Apple staff to get the application onto the App Store as soon as possible.

Q: Who owns the idea - and the source code?
As far as we are concerned you own the idea. That is a given. When it comes to source code, we own the source code - but have no problem working out an arrangement which allows you to pick up the source code and use it in a joint ownership agreement.

Q: Can you write the scope for the project?
Short answer - yes. We will write a full functional scope on the project for you and include a technical breakdown for those interested. We provide this back to you as a PDF - but if you would like to rebrand it and present it to your client, we can provide an InDesign CS file for you.

Q: You self publish applications - what is stopping you taking our idea and doing it yourself?
Good question. Firstly, we are not like that! We pride ourselves in being open and transparent so that there are no questions or concerns held. Secondly, the Apple App Store is in the public arena and it would be very easy for someone to police. But it isn't in our nature!

Q: We are an advertising agency who has clients who need these applications - how does this work?
We offer a range of services including consultation - which includes brainstorming and scope writing. We can prepare a full scope document for you and in some cases a mockup which can be running on an iPhone or iPod Touch to show the client. From there, we work for you. Treat us as your internal development studio. We are flexible, avaiiable and deliver on time.

Q: Can we use you to work out ideas?
Yes. We can skype/iChat into a meeting and add value without charge. We are very keen to help create some of the best application ideas around!

Q: Can you quote on a project - what do you need from us?
Yes, we work either on an hourly rate or project based. To provide a quote, we need a good brief which explains the application in detail. We will flesh out some of the details with you (if required) and then provide you with a written quotation. We believe a quotation is a contract if accepted - so we stick to it. We will revise the quotation if the specification changes dramatically (small changes are fine!)


iPhone Apps

Moon Rover for iPhone and iPod Touch released January 2009

Numeraders for iPhone and iPod Touch released December 2008

+ more in development


Brief Form (Word)
Brief Form (PDF)