JellyfiSSH FAQ


Q: I've just upgraded to JellyfiSSH from the AppStore and have some issues on launch.
We have seen some rare cases where the Terminal preferences file goes bad causing high CPU usage and a non responsive JellyfiSSH. Quit Terminal and JellyfiSSH then go to /Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences and remove the file called Relaunch JellyfiSSH and everything should be fine. If not, email for more help.

Q: I have Panther but 4.5.1 doesn't run! Help?
Download v4.5 for Panther/Tiger here:

Q: Will JellyfiSSH ever support ssh/telnet passwords?
Yes. It does from v5.1

Q: I want to specify a key during login - how do I do that?
Simple. First, in your bookmark, remove the login name (normally it woud be root). Next, go to the SSH Options tab and type -i /path_to_key/mykeyname.key into the custom options field.

Q: Whenever I open the Terminal, it tries to connect to a ssh host - what's going on?
Looks like you have clicked "Use settings as default" in the Terminal's window settings. Terminal saves the opening command there too. Go to /Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences and remove/edit the file called

Q: When JellyfiSSH opens terminal for the first time, I get a rogue window. How do I stop that?
Open Terminal, go to the Preferences, Click on Startup and set the "When Terminal Starts:" to Do Nothing.

Q: I can't add a bookmark, what's wrong?
All colours in JellyfiSSH are stored as RGB. Make sure your colourspace for your colours is RGB before adding a bookmark.

Q: I have a good idea, do you want to hear it? Do you care?
Yes, I want to hear it - and I may even care! Feedback and ideas make this a better product for all to use.


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