Moon Rover 3.0.1 under way

We are really happy with v3.0 of Moon Rover and have been doing some fine tuning over the holiday break which we intend to release as soon as Apple are open for business.

There are a few things to look forward to in v3.0.1:
- Scoring has been “fixed” to include shooting bombs, smart bombs & bullets.
- A bug in the restore code has been squashed.
- Phantom foo fighters would fly across the screen – resolved.
- Small adjustments to the sonic waves of the soundtrack. Maybe a sneaky intro track too.
- Many other small updates and fixes

We are committed to bringing you more Moon Rover during 2013 including more challenges and updated levels and improvements as we make them!

Are you on the leaderboard yet? Can you break into the top 10?

Moon Rover v3.0

It’s been a long time in the making – but the new Moon Rover is coming very soon. We have been working to get it done before the holiday season of 2012, so lets see how we go!

We have completely rewritten the game from the ground up. It is a massive improvement over the 2008 version which is currently selling on the AppStore – and the good news is that ALL existing owners of Moon Rover v2 will get v3 for FREE.

Here are a few of the improvements:

  • All new game engine. Much faster, smoother and extendable for future expansions
  • No lasers, we now have missiles and bullets!
  • New classes of enemies
  • Fuel stops
  • New graphics (yes, retina ready)
  • New soundtrack
  • New levels
  • New sound effects
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • Nothing like v2 really

We think you are going to like it – and it’ll be out soon. See you on the leaderboards!


Menulets everywhere!

Both JellyfiSSH and JellyVNC will be getting an update this month (April 2012) to include menulets allowing for a quick “click->launch” of a bookmark. Combined with the previous versions ability to save passwords – sysadmin bliss!

These menulets are dynamically created during the life of the app using [NSStatusBar systemStatusBar]

Look out for these updates soon…

JellyfiSSH 5.2 & 10 Years of JellyfiSSH

Another year, another JellyfiSSH update. Version 5.2 has been submitted to the Mac AppStore, so barring any objections from Apple, it should be out in the next week or so. We have looked at all the feedback and concentrated on the top 3 requests being:

  • Cloning a bookmark
  • The ability to clear a password for a bookmark
  • Duplicate bookmark title detection and handling

We also took the time to update the encodings and add in Cyrillic encodings and fixed a few small bugs.

JellyfiSSH was first launched in February 2002 – so this makes it 10 years of JellyfiSSH in the world!

The fanboy attack. mrad’s law.

Most people are familiar with Godwin’s Law. (’s_law ) Basically:

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches.”

Having been involved in a number of discussions lately I have noticed that a new law has emerged….

it is mrad’s law…it states:

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of being attacked with ‘fanboy’ increases dramatically.”

This is seen as the trump card in any discussion. You hold off until the right moment and then attack with the “you are just a fanboy” strike. There is little defense against the “fanboy” attack. Once labelled, you have very little chance of being taken seriously in that discussion again.

The attacks can be thinly veiled as “ifanboy” “androne” “winboy”.

How to choose a mobile provider and plan for the iPhone 4S in NZ

Since the release of the iPhone 4S into New Zealand, there have been a number of people lining up the Telecom and Vodafone plan pricing to make their choice. 200 minutes here, 1GB of data there, they have more texts, they have more data – it goes on and on!

But, this approach is flawed.

A mobile provider can only deliver your minutes, texts and data if they actually have signal in the places you most move in. I personally signed up to Vodafone a few years back on a 24 month contract only to find that my house is smack bang in the middle of a huge black spot. (Those in Milford/Takapuna will know what I mean)

So, my advice would be to first take advantage of the pre-pay sim cards from each provider, load them into your phone and see who gives you the best signal and best quality voice delivery. Check texts get through and generally see if you get good service. Do this at home and work and the few other places you might go (like, maybe Woodhill mountain bike park for example)

Once you have a winner (or both) – check the data speed. This can be done on Android and iPhone by downloading from the AppStore or Market. It is free. Do these speed tests where you go – don’t rely on anyone elses supposed screenshots or attempts at youtube video promotions. They are simply not relevant to you.

By this time you will have a clearly better provider than the other. Now you can look at plans!

Telecom iPhone Plans and Vodafone iPhone Plans


NOTE: If your friends and family are on iOS5 devices, texts are free via iMessage. Very cool.

This may seem like a lot of work – and it might be, but don’t let me hear you complain that you don’t get good signal at home/work if you don’t follow this advice!

As most of you know, I lean towards Telecom XT for my own use due to the fact that data is really fast, signal is consistent and strong, I don’t get the “darth vader” sounding phone calls and then call drops like I used to on Vodafone. When I asked Vodafone for help they sent an engineer who said “tough” and then got a sales call a few months later trying to sell me their broadband and a ~$499 GSM signal booster. Bad experience guys. But, that’s just me.

My sister has a company maintaining forestry roads in the far north and she gets 5 bars of Vodafone and 1 bar on XT – so its best to try it out before you commit to 24 months of potential frustration!


JellyfiSSH 5.1…soon…

We are on the verge of releasing an update to JellyfiSSH which brings through the top requested features and some fixes. On the list for 5.1 are:

  • Auto-login! Set a password by bookmark (saved into the Apple Keychain)
  • iTerm2 support (limited)
  • Preference to turn off/on legacy .term settings
  • Lots of other small stuff

So while the first two are pretty easy to understand, the legacy .term file thing isn’t. So, up until the in Leopard, Apple have been using .term files to store and export Terminal Settings. These have been relatively simple for us to support. Since Leopard however, they moved to .terminal settings files and started to only allow certain feature access from the .terminal settings file format – so we couldn’t give you some of the newer settings. For us to support .terminal settings files and give you access to the newer (and future) Terminal settings, we can’t get access to the Transparency or Background image settings – hence the new preference. If you want settings like emulation declaration – you have to turn off legacy .term files (and you lose Transparency and Background Images)

Now, the iTerm2 support is starting off with Width, Height, Auto-login and Tab support – we will add more as we discover more in future JellyfiSSH releases. This should get you started!

Look out for JellyfiSSH 5.1 very soon!